21 Desember 2012


selamat siang semua :) kali ini saya akan share software yaitu Hear v1.0.1738.kalian tahu apa itu Hear v1.0.1738? kalo belum tahu saya jelaskan 
Hear v1.0.1738 adalah sebuah software untuk pengeras suara speaker di Pc atau Laptop kamu. nah software ini keren banget loh buat kamu yang suara speaker Laptop maupun Pc kamu yang masih kurang kencang heheh :)

Screen Shoot :

Feature yang ada di Hear v1.0.1738:
    Hear offers a wide array of settings that are quick easy to find and will greatly improve the sound quality of your music, movies and games.
    MIXER - allows you to adjust the sound volume for various applications, so you don’t have a loud mail sound while you are listening to music
    EQUALIZER - features the most advanced N-band equalizer with built-in peak limiters. You can choose between slider or curve mode for fine-adjustments
    GENERAL - adjust the general settings (bass, dewoofer, fidelity) and enable various effects
    3D - expanding audio environment out of actual speaker positions
    FX - is an aggressive type of surround sound remixing
    BW - meditate to your music...it’s a special feature that can help you relax after work, it does so by generating brain waves targeted at relaxation
    MAXIMIZER - bring your concert home...produces a more “live” feature to the music (bass is boomier and highs are crisper)
    AMBIENCE - allows you to add reverb effect to the output
    SPEAKER - widen the frequency range of your speaker system (or headphones) and corrects output phase
    SUB - expands bass frequencies like a real subwoofer does
    LIMITER - ceiling and threshold, control aspects of level compression
    SPACE - creates a virtual re-sounding frame behind the listener’s position and bounces the sound around
    FIDELITY - restores the subtle nuances that are often damaged in the recording process

Download Hear v1.0.1738 +Serial (6,23 MB)
Password Mediafire : cimanggisblogger

sudah tes di Windows XP Professional SP3 32-Bit dan Work 100 %

Cara pakai Serial :

1 Instal dulu Hear v1.0.1738.exe
2 kalau sudah jalankan Hear v1.0.1738
3 klik tanda tanya (?) yang bewarna hijau di pojok kanan atas dan pilih Enter Serial

4 Masukan Serial kalau sudah ok

5 kemudian klik ok dan restart Pc/Laptop kamu

6 Enjoy you Software


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