7 Desember 2012



nie sob JetAudio Plus VX . software media player yang support banyak format video serta bisa langsung burrning. lebih lengkapnya lihat fiture di bawah ok.


==> JetAudio Plus VX

Features software, JetAudio Plus VX :

Playing music and video files
CD burning and recording, and conversion of files to each other
Possible to create Internet radio
Support multi-channel sound output
Equipped with various and beautiful Skin
High quality voice recording with a variety of formats to digital and analog techniques
Very fast and powerful audio and video converter
Ability to install various plugins
Build and save your favorite album
Add beautiful skin for different tastes
The ability of various formats WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and video, and audio CD "
Reload this song
Convert Audio CD to other audio formats and convert to popular formats
Various sound effects and beautiful
Take advantage of options Bookmark (any file storage location)
History (New Listings)
Equalizer and equipped with Timer and Alarm
Support System "remote control" (such as MCE control devices and StreamZap)
The new system image to manage audio files (Album Manager + Explorer + Device Manager)
Handsome appearance with today's tastes
Supports all popular versions of Windows 7
JetAudio 8 program features Internet broadcasting with JetCast, visual plugins included Sound2Vision, edit tags in MP3, OGG and WMA, various sound effects including wide, reverb, and x-bass, multi-channel audio output, audio playback speed control, a smooth crossover between the change in tone of voice, customizable user interface, MIDI and MP3 files and display the lyrics for all the subtitles are included in this program and Jet Audio will satisfy all your needs.

Basic Plus software version differences and Jetaudio:

Basic Plus and the company Cowon has released the second version, the Basic version is free and does not contain all the features of the Plus version.
Basic version features MP3/MP3Pro Encoding files is not required. The Plus version is very useful sound effects are included. In terms of recording and Recording Plus version has many different features. Plus version has a very Mfydyst peripherals that the Basic version of it is of interest.

semoga bermanfaat guys

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